What is reducer?

The term reducer is used in aesthetic medicine to refer to the action or function performed by certain active ingredients, cosmetic products and appliances.

We call a treatment or reducing product that is capable of reducing localized fat and, therefore, the volume of certain areas of the body.

Normally, the areas of the body that accumulate the most fat are the arms, thighs, hips, abdomen and knees. Although there are some differences depending on the sex of the person.

How do slimming products work?

Reducing products base their action on the dilation of blood vessels. In this way, they improve drainage and mobilize fat. That is why it is so advisable to massage or drain after applying these products.

Slimming cosmetics can help reduce fat and firm the skin, but this action must be accompanied by physical activity and good nutrition.

Slimming treatments





Although slimming treatments are effective, they will not be effective in people with high percentages of fat. They will not lose enough to be noticeable, so it will appear that the treatment is not working.

Before undergoing this type of treatment, it is advisable to follow a varied and healthy diet and do physical exercise. Obviously, not all cases are the same, so it is best to first consult with a specialist who can analyze each case in detail.

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