What is pressotherapy?

Pressure therapy is a technique that uses pressure on certain areas of the body to enhance lymphatic drainage. This drainage breaks up localized fat accumulations, promoting blood and lymphatic circulation, which allows the body to eliminate toxins and fats. The most obvious effects are improved skin texture and tightness.

How does pressure therapy work?

Pressure therapy uses a special suit composed of several parts that are attached to the body. This suit has air chambers that, after inflation, press on the areas of the body to be treated.

With the suit you can regulate the pressure, frequency and time of pressure in each area, being able to customize the treatment according to the objectives of each person.

When you want to mobilize the lymphatic system, the pressure of the suit starts in the abdomen and goes to the feet. But when you want to stimulate the circulatory system, you start the pressure from the feet towards the abdomen.

Benefits of pressotherapy

It is a technique that can be used in medical and aesthetic cases. It is indicated for people who want to act against cellulite or localized fat. The most commonly worked areas are the abdomen, arms, buttocks, thighs and ankles.

It is also used to improve fluid retention, edema and obesity. It is very interesting in post-operative situations in which there is fluid retention, such as liposuction and mastectomy.

Obviously, it is not a miracle technique, so it does not produce results by itself. It is possible to see the first effects after the fourth session, but this requires a balanced diet, physical exercise and drinking plenty of water.

It is a very relaxing and painless technique. Its benefits can be listed as follows:

  • Combats cellulite: by activating the movement of the circulatory system, it increases oxygen in the blood, improves tissue nutrition and cell regeneration occurs.
  • Eliminates toxins: through the lymphatic system, all substances that are cellular residues are transported together with the lymph.
  • Reduces blood pressure: by activating blood circulation, it also improves blood pressure. Although this improvement alone is not sufficient in more severe cases.
  • Relaxes and reduces stress: the pressotherapy technique reduces inflammation and stimulates the motor nerve points, which produces a feeling of well-being and reduces stress.
  • Eliminates edemas: the drainage produced by pressotherapy can help the body to absorb the liquid produced by an injury or surgical intervention.

Pressure therapy should be avoided in pregnant women, oncology patients, people with heart disease, if there is a risk of thrombosis or if there is pain.

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