What is firmness?

Firmness is a quality attributed to that which maintains stability, is solid, does not move and stands out for its resistance.

Associated with the area that concerns us, which is aesthetic medicine, firmness is the adjective we attribute to the skin when it is not flaccid and remains smooth, without sagging.

The skin loses its firmness over the years and the influence of some external agents such as pollution and sun exposure.

Why does the skin lose its firmness?

Although, in general, all skin on the body loses firmness as it ages, there are areas where it is more visible, such as the arms, cheeks, neck and jawline.

When we reach the age of 35, the body begins to produce less elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid, organic elements that until then had performed the function of supporting the skin’s structures.

Now, working at a slower pace, the skin sag and wrinkles appear. It is the natural behavior of the human body.

However, in addition to age, we can accelerate the loss of firmness with poor diet, large volume changes, smoking, pollution, lack of physical exercise and sun exposure.

All these agents have a negative influence on the cells, weakening them or preventing them from doing their job properly.

How to prevent loss of firmness

To maintain skin firmness, it is advisable to follow a healthy diet, exercise and protect yourself from pollution. The latter action can be carried out with daily facial hygiene routines and the use of photoprotector on a daily basis.

Cosmetics can help and improve the appearance of the skin with antioxidant active ingredients, but it must be a daily task that can not be left to

Aesthetic appliances also provide solutions that stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Without the need to undergo surgery, electroporation or radiofrequency give good results that last for months.

Foods that help maintain firmness

In addition to personal care and daily hygiene, diet can provide much of the antioxidants needed to prevent premature skin aging.

The most important thing is to avoid processed, sugary and fatty foods. And include fresh foods, vegetables, nuts and fruits rich in antioxidants, with the presence of vitamins A, C, D and E.

Daily hydration is also essential, which will depend on the fruit and vegetables consumed during the day, since these foods already contain high doses of water.

Commitment to quality

This text on skin firmness was written by professional editors and reviewed by Sisneo’s medical-aesthetic team. In addition, we have relied on experts in medicine, engineering and aesthetics as a source of information, as well as specific studies to maintain the quality of what we publish.

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