What is luminosity?

Skin radiance represents good health and there is an upward trend in demand for this type of product on the market.

This is why many cosmetic companies have renewed their product lines to offer cosmetics that guarantee radiant and rested skin. Radiance is framed in two parameters: skin tone and radiance.

Skin luminosity

Skin tone depends on the body’s melanin and hemoglobin concentration in the blood vessels. When light reaches the skin, it absorbs the color of hemoglobin and the skin reflects that color.

Good blood circulation through the blood capillaries will define a pinker and visibly healthier skin. On the contrary, the skin will look dull, with yellowish tones.

The radiance depends on the skin surface. If the skin surface is smooth and even, light rays are better reflected and the skin is more radiant. If the skin is dehydrated and rough, the light does not reflect well and the skin looks dull and dull.

What affects skin luminosity

The state of skin microcirculation is the most important factor for radiance, although other factors such as stress, climate, age, poor diet, mechanical and chemical damage also play a role.

  • With stress, excess noradrenaline produces a vasoconstriction that decreases blood circulation, thus decreasing oxygenation and nutrients to the skin. It also alters free radicals, affecting hormones and skin health.
  • Sudden changes in temperature, both hot and cold, affect the capillaries and the skin is damaged.
  • As the years go by, circulation loses quality and blood capillaries are reduced because cell renewal slows down.
  • Poor nutrition has a negative effect on the body, and therefore also on the skin.
  • Chemical or mechanical aggressions are also a trigger for the health of the skin.
  • Environmental pollution seriously damages the skin. Solid particles in suspension, fumes and others penetrate the epidermis, blocking the pores. The hydrolipidic function is impaired and cannot detoxify, resulting in redness, dry, rough and rough skin.

How to care for skin radiance

A deep cleansing of the skin is essential, at least once or twice a week with an exfoliating scrub to remove dead skin, impurities and sebum.

Good nutrition reflects a radiant and luminous skin. It is recommended to avoid ultra-processed foods and eat plenty of antioxidants. Follow an active lifestyle, practice sports and avoid stress with a good rest.

With cosmetic products you can also achieve a more radiant skin. You should look for those designed to repair environmental damage and brighten the skin.

For example, Skin Radiance by Mesoactives, is formulated with a combination of state-of-the-art antioxidants, repairing peptides and medium molecular weight hyaluronic acid.

Commitment to quality

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