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Instructions for use

1. Hygienization.

Cleanse the treatment area with a cleansing agent (micellar water, cleansing milk, etc.) and may be followed by the application of a tonic.

If micropuncture is to be applied in any area, it can be disinfected with alcohol or chlorhexidine.

2. SC Preparation.

It is advisable to reduce the thickness of the SC (stratum corneum) as much as possible to facilitate the introduction of actives by electroporation.

This can be done by applying a mild AHA peel or an enzymatic peel.

In medical centers it can be combined with the application of microneedling at 0.25 in localized areas.

If this phase is not carried out, the active ingredients may be introduced but will require a longer application time to achieve their complete introduction.

3. Mesoactives. Preparation.

3.1. Shake the vial.

Shake the vial until it is completely homogenized. Once homogenized, make sure that no product remains in the upper part of the ampoule. You can remove it by tapping the top with your finger.

3.2. Abra la ampolla con el goteador.

Place the dripper in the vial up to the neck and use it to break the top. It should break with a clean sound. Discard the upper part of the vial.

3.3. Place the dripper in the vial.

Insert the dripper into the vial tightly until it engages properly.

3.4. Transfer the product to the dripper.

Turn the vial upside down and shake it so that the product flows down into the dripper. Light finger pressure can be applied to the dripper to suction the contents of the ampoule and facilitate the transfer of the contents.

4. Aplicación por electroporación.

4.1. Prepare the electroporation device.

Switch on the electroporation device and select the treatment to be performed and the time/power parameters to be used at the start. In the case of Mesolux equipment, we recommend always using phototherapy in active mode as it acts synergistically, enhancing the treatment result.

4.2. Plan product distribution.

We recommend planning the area where we want to introduce the product in order to measure the quantity to be introduced in each part in a proportional way. The result will depend on the amount of product introduced in that area, so try to introduce more product in the areas where you want a better result.

4.3. Application of product.

Insert the dripper into the vial tightly until it engages properly.

4.4. Introduction of the product. Focused areas

As we have seen previously, we will use the applicator of the electroporation device to introduce the product by means of small movements over the same area until we introduce the desired amount.

4.5. Introduction of product. General area (optional)

After the introduction in the areas where we want a better result, it may be interesting to leave part of the product for a next phase in which the rest of the untreated area is treated in a general way. You can for this purpose leave a part of the product (25-50%) and apply it directly or if you notice that it is introduced too easily and does not allow you to cover the entire area you can mix it with Mesogel with PDC (dynamic particle control) to have more volume and to extend the area and/or treatment time.

5. End of the session.

5.1. Cleaning of the excipient.

If desired, you can remove the excipient that may remain on the skin. You can apply a tonic.

5.2. Post-treatment.

At this point you can finish the treatment in different ways, with the application of a cream, a mask, facial veil, etc., to provide the skin with the final finish. Keep in mind that Mesoactives is an ultra-concentrated product that once introduced will not give any type of surface finish to the skin, so it is advisable to finish the treatment with a product suitable for the client’s needs.

You can complement the treatment with products for home use.

5.3. Post-treatment precautions.

The application of techniques such as radiofrequency or laser for 24 hours after the introduction of Mesoactives is strongly discouraged, as they could damage the active ingredients introduced and reduce the result.

6. Resultados.

6.1. Result of the treatment.

Depending on the patient, the result will be visible from the first session to a greater or lesser extent, while the real consolidated result is produced during the course of the sessions.

6.2. Documentation results.

We strongly recommend taking photos to document the progress of the treatment in order to be able to compare pre-post session and between sessions.