What is a formulation?

The term formulation is commonly used in different senses and for different fields.

If we focus on the chemical area, we can say that a formulation is the process of formulating. That is, to represent the chemical composition of the elements that make up a compound.

In medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic terms, a formulation is the mixture of a substance or compound. This mixture is prepared from a formula.

Cosmetic formulations

Formulations are the key to cosmetics, since depending on the active ingredient and the concentration used, it will be effective to a greater or lesser extent and may be indicated for certain treatments.

Formulations have to meet requirements aimed at attracting buyers, such as texture, color, fragrance and consistency.

These needs result in the creation of complex formulations that include oils, water, colorants, perfumes, preservatives, vitamins, etc.

The ingredients of a formulation

The continuous evolution of cosmetics has led to improved formulations and the creation of new, almost personalized formulas that protect, moisturize and care for the skin.

It is especially critical to select the ingredients that will make up the formulation of lotions, emulsions, tonics, creams, hygiene products, etc., since cosmetic products will come into contact with the skin and could come into contact with some organs. Likewise, they should not cause allergy or irritation.

In the European Union, the active ingredients are regulated to determine the concentration that can be used in a cosmetic product.

Cosmetic formulation is currently facing a great challenge, since it must combine esthetics with solutions. The industry walks between technology and innovation, which should result in great products motivated by that challenge.

Commitment to quality

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