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Linear Scanning®

Laser hair removal in record time.

Shot by LINEAR SCANNING in the area of treatment.

SHORT and HIGH FLUENCE pulses. Maximum EFFICIENCY, SPEED and POWER equivalent to a conventional 15000W laser.

In addition to its incredible effectiveness, this new technology allows to greatly extend the life of the laser, maintaining its effectiveness for much longer.


For all types of
Hair & Phototype

Definitive hair removal on any phototype or type of hair

Thanks to its excellent performance we manage to effectively treat any type of hair, regardless of color or thickness. Goodbye to residual hair.

TWINSCAN. The diode laser more powerful , versatile and fastest on the market.



Twinscan laser diose and its accessories are made with aerospace quality materials, using the latest advances in materials engineering..

Its core unit is made of mechanized duraluminium while its wiring comes from the robotic industry to guarantee its durability. Electrodes are made of 316L surgical steel, anti-scratch covering with thermoplastic surfaces and medical push-pull connectors, among others.



Laser type: Diode laser

Wavelength: 808 nm ó 760 nm

Maxium fluency: 100 J/cm²

Power density:2.000 W/cm² for 808 nm. 1.000 W/cm² for 760 nm.

Treatment area: HP: 2,5 cm² (25 mm x 10 mm). f-HP: 7,5 cm² (50 mm x 15 mm)

Pulse duration:4 ms — 100 ms

Type of cooling: Contacto

Dimensions (h x l x d): 30 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm

Weight : Up to 25 kg