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REALDEEP® technology allows the introduction of several molecular weight active ingredients into the different layers of the skin by means of high-voltage pulses.

Up to 100 times more powerfulthan conventional devices.

Safe, non-invasive and completely painless.

This technology creates intercellular channels and permeabilises the cell membranes
allowing the active substances to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin.
Types of

El equipo Mesolux device allows the introduction of all types of active ingredients, thus being able to perform innumerable medical and / or aesthetic treatments depending on the product introduced.

In this way, through its specific electrodes, you can perform all types of facial, hair and body treatments.



Mesolux device and its accessories are made with aerospace quality materials, using the latest advances in materials engineering..

Its core unit is made of mechanized duraluminium while its wiring comes from the robotic industry to guarantee its durability. Electrodes are made of 316L surgical steel, anti-scratch covering with thermoplastic surfaces and medical push-pull connectors, among others.



Rate of emisión: Real transdermal by means of high-voltage pulses.

Frequency: variable frequency depending on the treatment with amplitude modulation.

Application mode: Direct contact with the electrodes.

Rate of emisión: Light Emitting Diode for narrow band.

Continuous and pulse mode. Frequency: 633 ±5 nm. General treatments. 420 ±5 nm. Specific treatment.