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Cavitacell v.2 is a located fat removal system through its exclusive Sculptor360® technology, which combines low-frequency ultrasound and state-of-the-art high-energy with ESWT low-energy shock waves..

It is the solution to localized fat removal .

Ultrasonic waves of low frequency and high energy manage to release the triglycerides accumulated in the adipocytes of the application area, partially decomposing them in the form of fatty acids and glycerol.
The ESWT low-energy shock waves together with the applicator movement favor the opening of lymphatic capillaries. This helps to eliminate the triglycerides released and enhances the results of the treatment.

Localized fat

Rebel areas are very complex to eliminate even if you do sports and follow strict diets.

The adipocytes that make up the subcutaneous fat have receptors in their membrane that control both fat accumulation (lipogenesis) and fat release (lipolysis), both processes regulated by hormonal levels. However, not all adipocytes have the same configuration. Some may have more receptors from one type than another. Thus, the adipocytes of the rebel areas have very few receptors for lipolysis (beta-2) and many for lipogenesis (alpha-2).


Types of

Localized fat removal.

Results close to liposuction.

Without surgery.

No rebound effect.



CAVITACELL V2 device and its accessories are made with aerospace quality materials, using the latest advances in materials engineering.

Its core unit is made of mechanized duraluminium while its wiring comes from the robotic industry to guarantee its durability. Electrodes are made of 316L surgical steel, anti-scratch covering with thermoplastic surfaces and medical push-pull connectors, among others.



Output signal: Low-frequency ultrasound and state-of-the-art high-energy with ESWT low-energy shock waves.

The emission frequency Ultrasound. 40 KHz (sweeps 38-42 KHz). ESWT. 4-10 Hz

Maximum power: 3W/cm2.