Anti-scratch coating

Anti-scratch coating for all panels Anti-scratch coating for all panels


Fruit of the latest developments in materials and coatings we have added to the equipment's panel surface an anti-scratch coating that makes it extremely resistant. The panels of Mesolux, Revicell and Cavitacell were made of polycarbonate sheets impact resistant and protected against UV radiation. With this new coating we have the excellent resistance to impact polycarbonate, adding a high scratch resistance, chemical resistance, with a surface finish comparable to glass.


Anti-scratch coating

Thanks to this new ultra-resistant features the life cycle of the panel is substancially increased, keeping the panel free of scratches and cracks for many years. Moreover the new coating provides superior resistance to chemicals and dirt.

Thereby the scratches that might occur for or example with heavy use or during transportation will not appear again, keeping the device with its great look of glass and aluminium finish for many years.


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