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Anti-acne applicator detail Anti-acne applicator detail


As an accessory to Revicell and Mesolux devices you can purchase at 420nm phototherapy applicators suited to combat bacteria Propionbacterium acnes ( P. acnes ) implicated in the etiology of acne. The light emission at 420nm. results in the generation of free radicals by the porphyrins inside the bacteria.

The bacteria P. acnes produces endogenous porphyrins in small quantities, whose main component is coproporphyrin III. The production of these porphyrins increased when the bacteria is exposed to wavelengths in the spectrum from violet/blue light of about 420nm. approx. Photoactivation of bacterial porphyrins leads to the formation of oxygen alone, which is cytotoxic, which results in a diminished function of P. acnes, by killing the microorganism.

Phototherapy with visible light violet/UV is therefore an option for the treatment of acne vulgaris. This type of phototherapy modulates a mechanism that occurs naturally without introducing artificial additives. Moreover, this phototherapy selectively chooses its target, ie to porphyrins of P. acnes , which do not accumulate in human host cells. The reaction is a fairly quick procedure that is located in the same bacteria without affecting the surrounding host cells.

Using this applicator with Mesolux you can introduce actives to treat especifically acne vulgaris enhancing the treatment results.






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