REVICELL™  lifting without surgery through radiofrequency+ photostimulation

Both in Medicine and in Aesthetic Surgery to reaffirm the skin and reduce wrinkles in order to hide the effects of time in our body have been one of the most requested objectives from our patients. Radiofrequency and photostimulation are non-surgery techniques which offer the highest results.




REVICELL™ presents the definite solution without surgery thanks to the application of bipolar radiofrequency applied in synergy with phototherapy at 590 nm.




Radiofrequency is an electromagnetic radiation that produces a temperature increase (hyperthermia) by conversion of electric energy into internal heat and which uses very high frequency alternating currents.

In that range of alternation, the change from positive to negative in the electric field results in a rotational movement of the molecules which causes heat release and an increase in the cellular metabolism. Heat is generated inside the tissue, that is to say, we heat from inside to outside getting to the dermis deepest layers with no harm for the epidermis.




The result of the application of radiofrequency with REVICELL™ tenses collagen fibres, stimulates fibroblastic activity in order to increase the production of collagen and elastin fibres and also induces the production of proteins of thermal shock HSP 47 which are necessary for the correct structure of the new triple helix-shaped collagen. In this way and improved by the phototherapy effect, we are successful in fighting against flaccidity, wrinkles and other signs of ageing providing the skin with smoothness, elasticity and firmness.






Protein of thermal shock HSP 47, necessary for the correct structure of the new triple helix-shaped collagen.


Treatment with REVICELL™ consists of several sessions, usually between 6 and 8 with a 7-15 day interval between sessions and visible results from the first session.

Effects last between 9 and 12 months approximately. Once the treatment is finished, it is recommended to have a maintenance session every 3-6 months in order to preserve results.


Each session usually takes around 20 minutes in facial treatments and 35 minutes in body treatments and the application is carried out by means of a simple procedure.  

Initially a preheating phase on the area to be treated where it is applied to the first layer at low power, then the area is worked with higher power trying to make the patient feel pleasant warmth on the area of application. Optionally, after such phase, a third phase can be carried out focusing on specific areas.

The patient feels a bearable internal heat that may cause skin to become lightly reddish and with a heat feeling that finishes quickly.

From the first session, the patient will notice an increase in the tissue tensing (lifting effect) produced by the collagen retraction. From the 2nd and 3rd session, results are even more visible with a progressive improvement until the 3rd month of the last treatment, when the organism has already produced and restructured the new collagen and elastin fibres.  



Suitable for


Anti-wrinkle facial treatment

Reaffirming facial treatment (lifting effect)


Reaffirming body treatment 

Treatment for localised adiposity reduction*

Treatment for cellulite reduction*


*Treatments for adiposity reduction and cellulite are recommended to be combined with cavitation sessions. 


Technical specifications 


Radiofrequency type: Bipolar

Facial emission frequency: 1,5-2,5 MHz

Body emission frequency: 0,8-2 MHz

Automatic frequency control through bio-impedance. 

Triggering control through pedal.

Facial output power: 100 W

Body output power: 200 W



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