CAVITACELL™ Ultra-Cavitation System. Cavitation is a physical  phenomenon resulted of the pressure wave interaction with the tissues  they spread along. At certain frequencies and energy empty micro-bubbles, which increase in size until imploding generating high energy shock waves, are generated.


bubble cavitation

When applying such pressure waves on the external surface of the skin, pressure changes are produced on the interstitial tissue of the adipose tissue, generating micro-bubbles that when imploding destroy the walls of the adjoining adipocytes. In this way, the fatty content of such cells is naturally released.


bubble cavitation



fat cells



CavitaCELL™ introduces the latest technological advances that allow the utilization of the energy released in such implosions in a controlled way towards an effective treatment against lipodystrophies or localized fats. For such purpose, it is used great penetration and compression energy frequencies with reduced thermal effect, which together with a sophisticated control mechanism of the working parameters and automatic setting of the optimum frequency according to the different tissues, means the most effective technological choice for the no-surgery body modelling in a painless, sure and effective way.

aplicadores cavitacion


Results achieved through the application of CavitaCELL™ are closed to the level of surgical results without using sedatives, with no harm for adjoining tissues, achieving an outstanding reduction in the perimeter and above all, the progressive and permanent elimination of lymphocele. In some cases, results may be increased or accelerated by using the classic hydrolipocasia technique which involves the previous infiltration of a hypotonic solution that increases the adipocyte rupture.


It will be needed between 6 – 10 sessions in order to achieve evident and permanent results, such results can be noticed from the second treatment session.





Non-invasive. Safe treatment for the patient.


Painless. Anesthetic is not needed.


Two applicators, for general and focalized treatment. 


Consumables are not needed, applicators included in warranty.


Easy use.


Self-adapting variable frequency system.


Noticeable results from the second session.


Easily transported.


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