From the beginning Sisneo project was aimed to meet the demands of medical-aesthetic sector high quality equipment and services, that's why we try to get the most from our products and services. This applies to research, design and development , as well as all manufacturing processes , customer care and after sales service.

In the development stages we take the time necessary to perform the most exaustive tests at the laboratory and in-vivo with our collaborator team, repeating the process as often as necessary to be sure of what we are creating, so we know well what we speak.

We take responsibility for the sector and want to promote confidence in buying result oriented, referring both to the level of treatment results to customers and net profitability of the same equipment devices. When you decide to purchase a device to expand the offered treatments you must be sure to be making the right choice. With our devices you will be sure to get the expected results, with a reasonable price, and with a easy return on investment.

Our efforts are focused on ensuring that these expectations are met, and that's what customers tell us.

Being part of a research&development community means that we have a constant exchange of ideas with our customers in order to be informed of new techniques and anything related to our products.

Our customers are our best advisors, motivators and best testers. We seek active contact with them and strive to engage in sincere dialogue.

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